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Related post: Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 13:28:17 -0700 (PDT) From: rimpigfl Subject: PAINTING OUR ROOMDISCLAIMER: This story is not true. It never happened. Maybe it could, but I don't know about it. It is solely for the enjoyment of others, like myself, who like to read about the joy of having sex with someone of your own sex. For those of you who live in places where reading something like this is illegal, I'm sorry for you and hope you have the good sense to leave and go somewhere you can live your life fully as yourself.PAINTING OUR ROOM by RimPig (c) 2002I woke up slowly, feeling a weight around my middle and against my back. It took a few moments to realize what it was. The strong, rich scent of male and the muscular hairiness of the forearm told me what was going on. It was my brother, Brad, his body wrapped around mine from behind and his arm holding me tight to him. I also noticed something very hard was poking into the cheek of my butt.Oh, my God! Brad is holding me and he has a hardon! Jesus! What the fuck was I going to do about this? What the fuck did I want to do about this? Well...the answer to those questions was easy! Nothing and Nothing. I was just going to lay here and enjoy what I had wanted to happen for a very long time - that's all I wanted to do about it.Of course, I didn't want Brad to know that I was awake and thoroughly enjoying this very intimate contact. I guessed this was the closest that I was ever going to get to what I wanted most in the world - Brad holding me and making love to me. He probably was dreaming that I was one of the girls he dated.Let me explain a few things. First of all, my name is Ryan. I'm sixteen years old. I stand about 5 foot 9 and I weigh about 140 pounds. Yeah, I know, I'm somewhat skinny. But I have a nice swimmer's build and hard abs. I've also got about seven hard inches which I'm quite attached to - if you get my drift. I'm the youngest of two sons and the 'brain' of the family. Oh, it's not that Brad is dumb or anything, but he's more the jock of the family.The only sport I'm interested in is swimming but Brad is quarterback of the football team, he's captain of the wrestling team and he's on the track team. He's a senior and is eighteen. He stands 6 foot even and weighs at least 180 or 200, most of which is solid, well-defined muscle. He has dark wavy hair which is rather shaggy most of the time, but I like it that way. He has incredibly beautiful blue eyes that can pierce right through to your soul! He has eight inches of very solid, very thick man-meat and nice pair of balls in a softly furred sack. Neither one of us has a lot of hair on our bodies. Brad is more heavily furred on his arms and legs than I am but I figure that's what 2 years of age difference can cause.The reason that we were underage comix together in the same bed was because we were in the process of re- painting our bedroom and we couldn't sleep in there because of the fumes of the paint. We shared a room, we didn't have our own. Our Dad didn't make a lot of money working construction and raising two teenage boys wasn't cheap. Our mom had died when we were very little and Dad had raised us alone. He never remarried. And even though he'd talked about moving to a larger house where we could have our own room, both Brad and I had assured him young incest underage that this was a total waste of money. We didn't mind sharing a room with each other. We'd done it all our lives. And we weren't the typical brothers. We didn't fight. I could hardly remember any fights we'd had in our whole lives.Part of the reason for that is that I have always worshiped the ground that Brad walked on. He had always been my idol, my hero. And Brad had always seemed to have a very protective and loving attitude about me. Even when we were little, Brad never minded his 'little brother' underage teen ebony tagging along behind him wherever he'd go. If any of his friends who were his age objected, they didn't stay friends very long.We had somewhat grown apart since I entered High School. I knew that. And I knew why. I had done it on purpose. You see, it was about that time that I made two discoveries which, frankly, scared the hell underage student out of me! One was that, as I had suspected for a long time, I had no interest in girls at all. I liked guys. That's a pretty heavy realization to come to - especially when you're 14. But the second discovery was underaged kids naked even more disturbing. I was not only very sexually attracted to, but in love with, my brother Brad.Of course, in some perverted kind of logic, this only made sense. After all, Brad is fucking gorgeous! You'll just have to take my word for that. I notice all the looks he gets from toplist4free underage picture girls, and even from some guys when they think no one is looking. But, more importantly, Brad is the most loveable person I know. He's kind, gentle, honest, funny and about a million other things all rolled into one! Yeah! I've got it really bad, don't I? You can tell, huh?So for two years now I'd laid in my own bed and jacked off fantasizing about my brother every underage porno websites chance I got! I must have shot 2 - 3 thousand loads of milky-white teen spoonge thinking about him. I reveled in the scent of him that filled the room whenever he got home from some sports practice or when he ran to keep in shape. The strong tang of his musk and sweat gave me an instant hardon! Sometimes, when he wasn't home, I'd sneak over into his bed and roll myself up int the blankets and extremely underage pussy sheets and just lay there smelling his scent surrounding me. I also would go into his gym bag and take his jock or go in his closet and grab his already worn underwear to huff while I pounded load after load from my pud! Yep! I had it really bad!Because of the heavy fumes from the paint, we couldn't sleep in our room for at least two to three nights. Instead, we slept on an old double bed down in the basement. As the basement had it's own toilet and shower, it actually was in some ways better than our own room. Except for the fact that there was only one bed. We had talked about bringing down another bed, but it seemed silly for only a few nights. And besides, when he had been small, we slept together quite often.I hated to sleep alone when I was little and was always crawling in bed with Brad. He never seemed to mind, he would just move over and let me get under the covers with him and then put his arms around me. With this, I would go right to sleep. As we grew older, however, this behavior stopped. Not because I wanted it to, but because I was clearly told by my mom, not too long before she died, that I was too old to be sleeping with Brad. I was about seven at the time. Not being one to ever disobey, I dutifully slept in my own bed - but I didn't like it! After she died, it was like I had to continue to obey her no matter what, because it was one of the last big things she told me to do.So along came this opportunity to again sleep with Brad and you'd think I would be jumping for joy at the chance? Think again. I didn't expect to curl up in his arms like I really wanted to and I was scared to death that I would throw the boner from hell and never be able to go to sleep at all! I didn't want Brad to know that I underage teen turk was attracted to boys - and, more importantly, to him. After all, Brad was, at least from everything I could tell, straight. He dated - usually one of the more popular girls in our school and it was rumored that he was a 'shoe-in' underage sucking for Home Coming king that year. I was sure that, by this time, he was not a virgin. No doubt it would not be too much longer and I'd be attending his wedding and bouncing my nephews and nieces on my knee.The idea of that whole "Family Values" scenario really turned my stomach! It also just about tore my heart out. I loved Brad and I didn't know if I'd ever find another guy like him to love. But I was resigned underage free tgp to my fate. I would always have him for a brother, at least. But what I wouldn't have given for just one night in his arms of making love to him. Well, at least I'd have him in bed one more time. If only to sleep.That first night in the basement we stripped down to our briefs, as usual. As we got ready for bed, Brad brought up our past."You remember when you used to crawl in bed with me all the time, bro?" Brad asked."Sure I do." I answered, trying to sound non-committal."I always loved that. You always made me feel so grown up, turning to me for protection like that." he mused. He had a very distant look in his eyes, as if he were looking back on those days."Yeah, well...I just hated sleeping alone. Everything used to scare me then. I was such a little pussy!" I said, sounding a bit more disgusted with myself than I felt."You were a kid, bro! We both were. Kids get scared. It was a whole new world and there were lots of frightening things in it!" he said."Well, you were never scared." I said."The fuck I wasn't! When those big thunder and lightening storms would come along, I'd almost piss the bed I was so fucking scared!" he said."You never acted like you were." underage sex webcam I shook my head in amazement - Brad? Scared?"Fuck, no! I had to act brave 'cause you were scared enough for both of us! And the funny thing was, keeping you from being scared, made me less afraid." he said quietly."I never knew..." I said."Good! That's the way I wanted it!" he said, reaching over and ruffling my hair.I smiled at him. I loved when he did that. Fuck! I loved whenever he touched me, any where that he touched me! Even if it did usually give me the hardon from hell!"I'm too tired to take a shower, Brad. I hope you don't mind." I said."Fuck, bro! I'm too tired, too. I can stand your stink if you can stand mine!" he chuckled."Yeah, no problem." I said.No problem?! Fuck! As much as I loved his scent, it was like a underage thumbnail galleries dream come true!Then he turned over so that his back was toward me and went off to sleep. I laid down, expecting to be awake half the night. But we had worked so hard on the painting that day that sleep came very quickly for me. But not for long. The next thing I knew, I was awoken by Brad's arms around me and his hard cock poking me in the butt. I just lay there and drank in his scent and felt the warmth of his body as he held me.If that was all that he had done, it would have been enough. I wasn't freaked or anything. I was quite willing to settle for the feeling of his hard, muscular arms around me. I didn't even mind his hardon shoved up against my ass. But then he started moaning and the next thing I knew, he was kissing and licking the back of my neck and down my shoulders! I knew he had to be dreaming about some 'babe' and was sure that he'd freak out if he woke up and found me in his arms instead! It was just a little too close to my fantasy and my hidden shame to be comfortable."Ryan. Oh, God! Ryan. I love you so much!" Brads voice, heavy with sleep murmured in my ear.Oh, Fuck!!! What the fuck was going on underage teenie sex here! He wasn't calling out the name of some babe in his sleep - he was talking to ME!!! This fucking couldn't be happening! Brad couldn't possibly have feelings for me - not like I did him!"Don't hate me, Ryan. I can't help it. I've loved you for so long..." his voice trailed off and I felt his cock pressing harder against my ass.I lay there, feeling him hunching against my ass. His body felt so hard and so good touching mine. I started to push my ass back against his hard cock and then, suddenly, his touch was gone. He quickly took his arms from around me and turned until he was facing the wall next to the bed. I could feel the bed shaking. At first, I thought maybe he was jacking off. underage kiddy 14yo But it wasn't that kind of rhythmic motion. I lay there, underaged nude hot feeling Brad's body shudder and then I suddenly realized, he was crying.I turned over and moved towards him. I was afraid to touch him, afraid to get to close to him for fear that he would know that I had the rod to end all rods, but it didn't matter. My brother, the man I loved most in the world, was crying - hurting - I couldn't leave him in that anguish alone, no matter what he might think of me.I put my hand on his shoulder and he jumped. He swung his head around quickly and looked into my eyes. The moonlight was shining just enough through the basement windows that I could angels underage models see the tears running down his face. paysite underage I reached out and touched his face, catching some of his tears on my fingers and, not knowing why I was doing it, I brought my fingers to my lips to taste them. He stared at me and I saw incredible fear in his eyes along with confusion. I didn't know what to do or say, I just let myself go. I don't know where the courage came from, but this time, it was going to have to be me who was brave enough for both of us.I leaned down and gently brought my lips to his czech underage sex shoulder. I kissed him and reached out my tongue to taste his skin. It saltiness of underage galleries his sweat was almost as strong as it had been from his tears. As I licked his shoulder, I looked back into his eyes. I knew he could see the smile there. I continued to taste him for a few more seconds and then lifted my head, looking down at him."What's the matter, Brad? Please tell me?" I begged.He just lay there, staring at me, like I was some stranger. Then I began to become afraid. Maybe he didn't remember the dream. Maybe he wasn't able to admit to himself that he wanted me and I'd just underage cp girl overplayed my hand and showed him how much I wanted him when he couldn't deal with it. I waited for him to say something. Instead, he turned his face to the wall again. I knew I'd really blown it then! My brother not only knew I was 'queer', he also knew how much I wanted him. My only hope was that maybe by morning he would forget this happened or just thought it was part of his dream. I moved away from him and turned over, facing away from him. My own tears now began to fill my eyes.Then I uncensored underage naked heard his voice, very low and soft."Ryan, I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen." he said."I'm sorry, too, Brad, because I did." There was no use lying about it. I could never lie to Brad, anyway.I felt him turn over facing me so I turned back to face him."You did?" he finally asked."Yes, I've wanted this to happen for a very long time. I never thought there was any chance of it, though." I admitted.He looked deep into my eyes and then reached out his arms to me. I moved quickly into them and again found myself wrapped in the strong, muscular arms of my brother. Without another word, our lips met and I felt his tongue pressing against my upper lip, begging underage yo entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue flooded into mine, tasting me. I sucked on his tongue and heard moaning. I thought at first it was Brad and then I realized that it was both of us."Fuck, bro!" Brad said, when we finally came up for air. "I can't fucking believe this! Are you sure this is what you want?""More sure of anything than I've ever been in my entire life!" I promised him. "I've wanted you for what seems like forever!""Oh, God! Bro! You have no idea how hard it's been for me! Having you laying there, every night, not ten feet from me and not being able to reach out and hold you. Not being able to touch you and kiss you. So many times I'd wished that we were little kids again so that you would crawl into my bed and I could hold you in my arms. Why did we ever stop that?" he asked."We didn't. Mom did. Right before she died, she laid down the law to me that I was 'too old' to be crawling into bed with you anymore. Guess she thought it would make us queer!" I started to giggle at that one!"Well, I guess she put a stop to it too late then!" Brad said, smiling at me. "And all these years I've always thought that you just got tired of sleeping in my arms."I snuggled closer to him and put my head down on his shoulder like I used to."I could never, ever get tired of sleeping in your arms!" I said."Is that all you want to do, sleep?" he gave me a girls underage nude very horny grin."With what I felt poking me in the ass, I doubt if there's going to be much sleeping going on in this bed tonight!" I laughed.Brad reached down between our bodies and his hand grasped my hard cock inside my briefs. He gently squeezed it and I moaned while my briefs became wet with my cock-honey which was now leaking from my cock-head."Oh, and you were just going to fall asleep with this!?" he grinned."Well...it didn't happen until you woke me up. But, yes. I was. I was happy just to have your arms around me again, for whatever reason! I figured that you were dreaming about one of your cheerleader 'babes'." I told him.He started laughing. I couldn't figure out just exactly what he found so funny! I'd been envying all those girls he dated for the last couple of years."Ryan, there are no 'babes'. They're just girls I took out on dates. Nothing ever happened with any of them!" he explained."Nothing?" I asked, my voice showing my disbelief."Nothing. Ryan, I'm not interested in girls. Never have been. The girls, the dates, those were just for cover so nobody would figure that out." he said."But what about the girls? Why didn't they say anything?" I underage sex teens asked."How could they? They got what they wanted - a date with a guy they thought was the hottest guy in school. If they admitted that they hadn't been able to turn me on, what would that have done to their reputations? And if they admitted that, it would bring up the question of them being a slut for trying to begin with. I won either way!" he explained."You sly dog, you!" I laughed. "So why did you wait so long to tell me?""Because I didn't know that you liked guys, too. And the way you looked up to me, I was afraid that I would sway you to do things with me that you didn't really want to do." he said."You don't really believe that, do you?" I looked askance at him. "Bro, you're born this way! All the influence in the world couldn't have made this happen inside me!""Yes, it could. Look, I know that you're born gay. But when guys are young - especially when they're young and horny (and what guy isn't!) they'll do things that maybe they want to do at the time but later they feel a lot of guilt and shame over it. And, if they do it with a friend, that friendship usually doesn't last. I didn't want that to happen between you and me. I love you too much to have you end up hating me." he said, his eyes boring deeply into mine."Ok, I can understand that. But why now? Why tonight?" I asked."Opportunity, I guess. I didn't intend for this to happen. I really was asleep through most of it. I only came awake when you started pushing your ass against my cock. I don't have any idea what I did before that." he told me."Really, you don't remember the incredible blow-job you gave me?!" I tried to keep a serious look on my face saying this."No, Ryan, nor do I have the taste cum in my mouth - which I would have!" his voice full of menace.I started giggling."Ok, there was no blow-job. What you did was put your arms around me and then you started kissing and licking the back of my neck underage preeteens babes and shoulders. Then you told me how much you loved me and how long you waited to do that. All the while you were poking that hard thing in my butt and, when I finally pushed back, you freaked!" I told him. Then a thought hit me. "Hey! How do you know what cum tastes like, anyway?!""What? You've never tasted your own, bro?" he asked, looking hard at me."Well...maybe a couple of times..." I said, lying through my teeth!"Yeah, right! I'll bet you eat it every time!" he laughed.I didn't underage cumshots say anything. I waited for him to stop laughing."Yes, and I pretend it's yours." My voice was very soft and low admitting this.His face went from laughter to shock."Really?!" he asked almost breathless."Yes. Really." I japan underage models assured him. "I've loved you all my life. I finally knew I was in love with you two years ago. I just always figured that there was no chance of anything happening between us. I thought you were hopelessly straight!" I said.He laughed again."The only thing I was, bro, was hopelessly in love with you." he said and slipping his hand behind my head he gently drew our mouths together for another deep, wet kiss.I felt my body trembling at Brad's touch. I reached up and put my hands to his muscular chest and began stroking the warm, soft skin I found there. I could feel the hardness of his muscles under the velvet-like skin. I let my hands explore more until I found his nipples. They were hard and pointing out like little rubber pencil erasures. I gently tugged on them and Brad began moaning into my mouth. His hips hunched forward and our cocks pressed together, only separated by our white cotton briefs. I could feel Brad's other hand travel down my back and slide inside my briefs until he was gently stroking the cheeks of my ass and running one of his fingers down the trench between my cheeks.I moaned deeply when his finger tip brushed my pucker. I'd never felt anything that good before. Not even when I'd played with my own butt while jacking off. Brad quickly figured out that this was something that I really liked and he continued to trace the circle of my hole, slowly teasing it until I could barely stand it. In an almost involuntary action, I pushed back against his probing finger and, to my surprise, it easily slid inside me. Brad and I both moaned as his finger slid all the way into my body. Almost without thinking, I lifted my leg and let it rest on top of Brad's thigh, pulling my cheeks apart and giving him more access. His finger went deeper and suddenly he touched something up inside me that made me feel like I was going to cum any second. A grunt underage porn top escaped me as I felt my cock belch out pre-cum, making my briefs wet with my own juices."I didn't hurt you, did I?" Brad asked, pulling him mouth away from mine, deep concern in his eyes."Fuck, no!" I answered. "Whatever you just hit up inside me almost fucking got me off!" I exclaimed.Brad gave a low chuckle."That's your prostate, bro. Makes you cum like crazy when somebody touches it just right." he said.I'd never discovered it before, even when I would shove a finger up my butt while pounding on my pud. Maybe it was the angle that Brad's finger was at or the fact that it was longer and thicker than mine. Whatever it was, I wanted to feel the feeling again and again and again! A thought was going through my head, though, that really started to drive me crazy with lust. If that's what Brad's finger felt like up my butt, what would his cock feel like?"Brad, please do it some more!" I begged."With pleasure, bro. I'd love to do more, but I don't think you're ready for that yet." he smiled."You mean you'd like to fuck me." I said quietly.He looked at me in shock. I guess he thought I was more naive than I was. Even though I was a virgin, it wasn't for lack of information. I'd seen fuck-books before and even had seen one with nothing but guys in it. I seen guys sucking each other's cocks and even saw guys putting their cocks up other guy's butts. I remember thinking when I saw it that the guy getting his ass fucked must be in a lot of pain, but he sure didn't look like it. He had a very satisfied smile on his face while his butt was getting reamed with a thick, fat cock."Well...yeah. Eventually." Brad equivocated."Eventually tonight or eventually whenever?" I asked as if I was discussing a game of pinball or something."I kind of figured I'd wait to see if you were interested in that." he said slowly."You can't tell I'm interested?" I asked, reaching out and punctuating my question by a soft lick of my tongue up his stubbly chin while clenching my ass muscles around his finger at the same time."Fuck, underage blowjob pictures bro! Your so fucking hot inside, and your hole feels so soft, I can hardly stand it. But I've never fucked a guy before and I don't want to hurt you. I know I'm not small. It's something I could live without until you're ready." he insisted."Would it change your mind if I told you I wanted you to fuck me - that I've dreamed of you fucking me just like I thought you were fucking all of those cheerleaders you dated. Could you still 'live without it'?" I asked, an evil little grin on my face as I watched my big, masculine hunk of a brother squirming at the thought of his cock plundering my anal treasures."Oh, God! Don't do underaged russian girls this to me, Ryan! Bro, I want you so bad! I've wanted you for so long! You're driving me fucking crazy!" he begged."And just what the fuck do you think you're doing to me, Brad? I wanted you just goth underage as much! I swear, I'm going to have your cock in my ass fucking me tonight, or I'm gonna die trying! underage schoolgirl model But there's something I want to do first. Something I've dreamed of even more." I told him."What's that?" he asked, breathless with anticipation."Before I tell you...I have a confession to make to you. I hope you won't be angry or think that I'm a complete 'perv' or something." I said."What is it, Ryan? I won't get angry. I promise. And if you're a 'perv' than I guess that makes me one too." he smiled."I don't know how to put this exactly...but...I get turned on to your scent." I said, waiting for Brad to explode."Really? My smell turns you on?" he asked, amazement and curiosity more evident in his tone than anything else."Yeah, it does. Really bad! I love sniffing your jock while I jack off and when cunt underage girls you come home from practice or from running and you haven't had a shower, my cock just gets bone hard and I have to jack off while you're in the shower." I admitted."Fuck, bro! I had no idea! I thought that I was the only one that got turned on to the way guys smell!" he said quietly."You! You get off on it, too?!" I exclaimed. This was unbelievable!"Yeah, I love the locker room because of all the heavy smells of guy's sweat! And I'll admit I've grabbed your jock more than a few times to huff while I jack off, bro. I love the smell of your body." he said, leaning down and licking the tip of my nose and then raising my arm and burying his nose in my pit while taking deep whiffs of my sweaty scent."Oh, yeah! Brad! Smell my pit, man! I never guessed!" I moaned.He sniffed for a few moments and then raised his head, grinning at me."I guess there's a lot we don't know about each other, bro.""Well...there's a little more to it than that, Brad." I said, hesitantly."Yeah? Like what, bro?""Well...there's certain areas of your body that I would really like the chance to explore, if you know what I mean..." I said."Like where, bro? Not that it really matters - you can sex forum underage explore any part of my body that you want! I'm yours." Brad said."Then lay back and don't make me talk anymore! Please, Brad! Just let me make love to your body like I've always dreamed of doing. Afterward, I want you to fuck me. Ok?" I asked.By way of an answer, he rolled over on his back, and then Brad put his hands behind his head and spread open his legs for me. There he lay, like a smorgasbord - all laid out for me to feast on and grinning at me. I hoped he was still grinning when I finished and not totally grossed out at what I had in mind.I had been huffing and licking his jock for two years now. And in that time, underage masturbation videos he had hardly ever washed it - a fact that I was personally very glad about. The pouch had been of endless fascination to me, of course. I learned to detect the tastes and scents of sweat, dried piss and what I took for pre-cum in it. But down at the lower point of the pouch, where it met the straps that went around his strong, thick thighs, there was a darker and richer scent than anywhere else on his jock. It finally dawned on me that this point rested on or near his ass hole. This was the scent I wanted to explore on his body. I had seen his beautiful bubble butt framed by the straps of his jock at least a thousand times and my thoughts had always been the underaged teens blacks same - I wanted to smell and taste his fucking ass!I started my exploration of Brad in the most common place, however. His pits. He had dark, soft hair filling them and I buried my nose in the hair and snorted deeply of the sweaty, manly scent there. I moaned at the smell and my tongue came out and I began to bathe the hairs with it. When I finally moved on, both of his pits were sopping wet with my saliva and Brad was moaning with delight at the way my tongue was moving across his chest and my lips and teeth were nibbling at his very sensitive nips. He arched his back from the bed as my tongue worried the nubs and he groaned at each sharp nip from my teeth.I moved down his abdomen, washing the bulges of his ab muscles with my tongue until I ended up, face down on the pouch of his cotton briefs. His hard cock was trapped inside but I could almost clearly see the head because the briefs were so wet where his pre-cum was leaking through the soft, thin material. I could smell his crotch odor as well as some dried piss in his briefs. I licked at his cockhead through the briefs and was gifted with the taste of his pre-cum, warm and wet from the piss-slit of his cock. I was not in any mood, however, to be cut off from Brad's body by anything so I quickly started pulling his briefs down and off. Brad helped by lifting his hips and allowing me to slide the briefs down his legs until I had them completely off him.His cock lay there throbbing. I'd seen it hard enough times in the morning when he first got up, but for some reason it now looked enormous. And tasty! I licked over the head and tasted Brad's cock honey straight from the source for the very first time. It was delicious! It was sweet with perhaps a hint of saltiness but, more important, it was 'Brad'. My tongue began licking all over the head of his cock and he was moaning that if I wasn't careful he was going to 'blow'! I decidedly did not want that! Not now! Not when my quest was almost at an end. I licked down the ridge of his cock and then moved to where I underage schoolgirl sex was laying face down between his legs with my nose firmly pressed into his warm, hairy nut-sack.God! The scent of his sweaty balls was almost more than I could take! My cock was leaking pre- cum like crazy and I was in danger of losing my load myself - just from sniffing my brother's balls! The scent here was strong! The odor of crotch sweat, musk and male rut was intoxicating - especially to someone who loved the smell of a man's body the way I did - especially this man's body! I took deep whiffs of his scent and then began to lick all over his nut-sack. I discovered the hair to be soft on his sack, not wiry as I thought it might be. And the taste of him was everything I had dreamed it would be and more.I licked all over his nut-sack and then dipped my head lower and began licking the back of it and the patch of skin leading from his nuts to the opening of his ass crack. Brad moaned and spread his legs father allowing me better access. When he did that, the crack of his ass opened wider and the scent of his butt became instantly stronger. The dark scent curled up into my nose and I was drunk with it! I had to smell his butt! I had to taste his butt!Reaching out with my hands, I slid them under his thighs, just above his knees. Continuing to lick at that patch of skin and moving down until the point of my tongue touched just the crease where his ass cheeks joined, I pushed up with my hands, trying to get his legs to rise and pull back so that his butt trench would finally be open to my nose and mouth. Whether he realized what I was up to or not, illegal porno underage I felt Brad's hand join mine and he pulled his legs back so that they were almost resting on his chest. This gave me full access to his butt-trench.I pushed my face into his butt and began to run my nose up and down the trench. The dark, raunchy smells of his butt hit me like some sort of drug and I was high! Lost in a world of dark, rich male scent. I could smell sweat, musk, his ass juices and something more that was distinctly 'Brad'. The closer I came to his hole, the darker and richer the scents became. I breathed in heavily of his scent wanting desperately to taste him, but afraid my tasting would erase all of the wonderful scents I of which I couldn't seem to get enough.I kept breathing in the raw scent of his butt until I just couldn't resist tasting him anymore. I took my tongue and started at the base of his ass crack and dragged it all the way up to his balls. The taste was salty and tangy and not unpleasant at all. I started lapping through his trench like a dog and Brad was moaning and babbling while his body shook from the feelings I was causing."God! Bro! What are you doing to me! Fuck! Yeah! Lick my ass, man! Lick my fuckin' ass!" Brad moaned while I cheerfully continued to do just that.After a while, as my tongue continued to pass over his soft wrinkly hole, I decided that it deserved much more attention than I was paying to it. I began circling the hole with my tongue and pressing softly against it. After a few minutes of this, along with lots of moaning and babbling from Brad, the hole began to relax and I could feel it even slightly open. My tongue went on the quest to explore the inside of my brother's body. Gathering my tongue into a point, I pushed at the hole and felt my tongue begin to slide inside on the saliva that was already latin underage dripping from it. The taste became tangier as I pushed into the hole. I began pushing in and out like my tongue was a small wet cock and I was fucking Brad's ass. The more my cock pushed against his hole, the more it opened until I was going in as far as my tongue could reach. Somewhere inside my head, I was suddenly wishing I was blessed with a much longer tongue. But I worked with what I had. I tasted the inside of Brad's ass and literally licked the inside of him.I was loving what I was doing so much that my cock, which was trapped under me on the bed, was getting very close to cumming, which I didn't want to happen yet. My tongue and mouth was getting tired as well from all the activity my eating Brad's ass had caused. It was with relief that I heard Brad's voice above me."Bro! Please stop! I'm gonna cum!!!" he cried out.I pulled my face out of his ass and moved from between his legs until I was laying beside him again. He leaned down to kiss me, tasting his own ass on my mouth."Mmm...I can taste myself. Tastes good!" Brad said."It sure did!" I enthused."God, bro! Where the fuck did you learn to do that?!" he asked."No where. I've never had sex with anybody." I told Brad."Never?!" he exclaimed."Never." I told him."Why not?" he asked."I never had an opportunity. I was too scared to fool around other guys for fear they'd find out I was gay. And besides, there was only one guy that I really wanted to have sex with, but I never thought he'd go for it." I said."Who was it?" he asked. Brad could be a dumb jock at times!"You." I said.The look on his face was one of shock which quickly changed to love. He pulled me closer into his arms and kissed me again."Fuck, bro! I love you so much! I'm sorry you had to wait so long to find out how much I wanted you. I've been so busy trying to hide my feelings from you, I guess I never really looked to see how you felt about me." he said apologetically."It doesn't matter now. I would trade just having sex with anybody else for making love to you anytime!" I swore to him."Do you really mean that, Ryan?" he asked, a serious tone creeping into his voice."I've never meant anything more, Brad." I underage peeing said, answering him as seriously as his question."As you grow older, that will probably change." he said, his eyes looking away from me."It hasn't changed in 16 years. I don't expect it to. Brad, I've known you literally all of my life. You were always the one that I looked up to and loved. You were always the one that was there for me. How could I want anyone else when I have you? But I don't 'have' you, do I? Maybe that's not even what you want?" I asked him."Look, Ryan, I'll admit that I've had sex with a couple of guys - just playing around, you know? Just getting my rocks off. I haven't even gotten off yet and I already am more satisfied than anything I've done in the past. The minute I finally had you in my arms, I knew that there would never be anyone else that I would ever love as much as I love you. So as far as 'having' me - if you want me, Ryan, I'm yours - for as free underage vid long as you want me." Brad said, looking deep into my eyes."We won't live that long!" I smiled. "I want you forever."Brad leaned down and kissed me again. The kiss was hot and passionate. He moved from my mouth and asian underage nude began trailing his mouth and tongue down my chin and throat, sucking and licking as he went. I moaned at the erotic feelings he was causing in me as he slowly rose over my body until he was kneeling over me and moving down to begin licking across my chest. He took my hands from around his neck and underage girl jpegs gathered my wrists in one of his hands, holding them so that I was caught, like prey in a predator's grasp. He moved my arms above my head, never letting go of my wrists and then settled his own weight down on top of me and buried his face in one of my armpits. I could hear him taking deep breaths of my sweaty scent and a I could hear underage teenagers naked a low growl emanate from his throat as he took underage petit teens in as much of russian underage nude my body's scent as he could.When his tongue began licking through my fine, sparse pit hair, I all but rose vertically off the bed! Had it not been for his weight holding me down I would have. As it was I squirmed in the agony/ecstasy of his tasting me. It tickled, because I am very sensitive there, but at the same time, it was so erotic, so sensual underage girls pussys that I never wanted him to stop. On his way to my other pit, he stopped to suck and nibble at my tits. I was moaning and crying out myself at the intensity of the feelings he was causing. It was almost as if the nerves in my nipples were directly tied to the one's in my cock because each time he nipped at them, my cock instantly flexed harder and my cock- honey pushed out wetting my crotch and Brad's lower abdomen which was holding it captive. I heard Brad chuckle to himself. He was certainly getting a lot of pleasure out of making me squirm!After thoroughly soaking both my pits with his saliva, he finally let go of my hands and began moving down my body, sensuously sliding his own hard, muscular body against me. His mouth never left my skin. He licked down my abs until he encountered my briefs. He sniffed at the pouch of them for a second and then practically tore them off my body in his eagerness to get to my crotch. Once I was naked, his nose was buried in the small puff of pubic hair at the base of my cock. I could hear him taking deep whiffs of the odors he found there as he hands began to massage my groin and the inside of my thighs. I lay there, my arms still above my head because, so lost was I in Brad's exploration of my body that I never even thought underaged teens porno to move them back down.Brad licked around the base of my cock and then went to the tip to taste my cock-honey. The touch of his tongue and underage whores sites lips to my cockhead almost had me cumming! I moaned and Brad, realizing how close he was taking me to the edge, quickly moved down and began sniffing at my nutsack instead. He pressed his nose right into my sack and moaned at the strong male odor he found there. He then opened his mouth and took the entire sack in his mouth, rolling my balls around in the bag with his tongue. I was in heaven! Nothing had ever felt this good in my life and all of it was Brad, the boy/man I loved most in the world. Just that thought all but underage girls thongs brought tears of joy to my underage white panties eyes.I didn't know how far Brad would go with this, but I soon found out. He reached under my knees with his hands and pushed my legs back until I was almost bent double. This raised and opened my ass trench to his eager face. He immediately began to sniff up and down my ass crack, moaning as he did so. He looked up from between my legs with a huge underage upskirts pics grin on his face."God, bro! Your ass is amazing! The scent really turns me on! I'm sure glad you said you want me to fuck you because I don't think I could keep from fucking you now!" he said.He dipped his face back into my butt and continued to sniff my ass scents for a few more minutes. Then I felt his tongue begin the slow glide through my ass trench. I couldn't help moaning at the feeling. I was like nothing else I'd ever experienced! It was so incredibly erotic and just slightly nasty at the same time. It was so totally intimate! Brad was licking the most sensitive, the most private part of my body and we were both loving every second of it. Even though I had been playing with my hole while I jacked off for quite a while, I was amazed at how easily it opened to Brad's tongue! With very little effort that I could feel, Brad's tongue was soon as far up inside me as he could get it and he was fucking me with it, just as I had tongue-fucked him. If this was what it felt like to be fucked, then I wanted Brad to fuck me every minute of every day for the rest of our lives!As he continued to lick and taste the inside of my body, I felt myself rapidly building toward cumming. I didn't want that to happen yet. I wanted Brad's cock inside me before I came. I really didn't want to stop his oral assault of my ass, but I knew if I didn't stop him I was going to go over the edge and I would have no way of stopping myself."Brad! Stop! I don't want to cum before you fuck me!" I moaned.He face instantly popped out of my ass and he lay there looking at underage hot me from between my legs. He had a huge grin on his face and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. He kind of reminded me of a big, shaggy dog! A very loveable shaggy dog!I expected him to take me back in his arms but instead he surprised me by getting up off the bed entirely. He walked around until he stood looking down at me next to my head. His cock was hard and pointing right at me. I could see the glistening of a drop of pre-cum at the tip. I leaned over and licked underage sluts porn it off and Brad moaned at the action."I gotta go get something, bro, if we're going to fuck. I won't take but a minute. teens underage jp Don't go anywhere." he said."And just where am I going to go like this?" I giggled, wiggling my crotch, causing my hard cock to sway back and forth.He leapt up the stairs to the main floor of the house. He was gone maybe five minutes when I heard him coming down the stairs again. In his hand he had a bottle of something but I couldn't tell what. He put the bottle on the floor next to the bed and then hopped in with me and gathered me once again underagelatin pics in his arms."Did you miss me?" he asked grinning."Terribly! You were gone an eternity and I didn't know what to do with myself!" I giggled.He pulled me to him and kissed me gently on the forehead. I was a little confused. This guy had just deep kissed my butt and now he was only kissing me on the forehead?"Aren't you going to really kiss me?" I asked."In a minute, bro. I want to really give myself a chance to relax. I'm so turned on right now, I don't think I'd even get inside you before I'd shoot my load. That isn't exactly how I've dreamed about fucking you for the first time!" he said, squeezing me close to his warm body."And just how long have you been having this dream?" I asked."Since I started to really notice what a cute butt you've got - about the time you were 12." he answered."You've been looking at my ass and wanting it for six years!" I was completely blown away! I had no idea he'd been attracted to me all this time."Yeah. That's when I finally knew what I wanted to do with you. I've had feelings for much longer than that. I knew I wanted you underage rape forum in some way, I just didn't understand how. But since you got into high school, you started to push me away and keeping to yourself. I just figured that there was no chance of you ever wanting me the way I wanted you. That's when I started experimenting with some other guys. I thought that maybe I could get over my obsession with you. But no luck! It just didn't do anything for me. I got off, but afterwards I felt so empty inside. I didn't love them. I loved you. That's when I came up with my escape plan." he said."What 'escape plan'? What are you talking about Brad?" I asked sitting up on the bed and looking at him."I decided that, as soon as school was out, I was going to join the Navy. I would travel the world and maybe meet another guy to fall in love with small underage models and try to forget about my feelings for you. I've actually got an appointment with the Navy recruiter next week." Brad said."Fuck! No! Brad! You can't! You can't leave me now! Not after we...after we...." I couldn't stop myself, I burst out crying. The thought that I could lose Brad now that I've finally found out that he loved me just as much as I loved him was like a dull razorblade slicing up my guts!Brad wrapped me in his arms and pressed my face to his chest."Shh! Ryan. It's ok, bro! I'm not going anywhere! I'll call the recruiter tomorrow and cancel the interview. I won't ever leave you - no matter what! Now that I know that you love me, nothing else in life matters. As long as I have you, my life will always be perfect." Brad said, rocking me back and forth in his arms while I tried desperately to get myself back under control.But my mind was racing. What was going to happen to us? What if somebody found out that we were something more than just brothers to each other? And then the most fearful thing of all! What if our dad found out! I stopped crying because the fear of what we were getting into all of a sudden overwhelmed me. I stiffened in Brad's arms and he felt it."Ryan, what's the matter now?" he asked."Brad, what if dad finds out about...well...you know..." I said."About us being lovers?" he finished for me."Yeah." I said, looking up into his eyes."Well, for one thing, I don't think he's going to find out. After all, we've always slept in the same room. We've never fought with each other. It's not like the way we treat each other is going to go thai underaged model through some big dramatic change overnight." he said."I'm not so sure. It has been hard enough trying to hide how I feel about you. Now that pics sex underage I don't have to, I can't guarantee that it's not going to show." I said."Yeah, well, nothing against dad but, you know how oblivious he can be to anything like feelings. I don't think it would even cross his mind that we might be in love with each other." Brad said."I have to agree with you there. But what about...well...sex can evidently get awfully noisy. With all the groaning and moaning you've been doing, I'm surprised dad hasn't been down here to see which one of us is dying!" I giggled."Me! Oh, like you weren't keening like a fucking banshee when I had my tongue up your ass!" he said, poking me in the ribs and starting a wrestling match that had us breathless and laughing in ten minutes.Of course, Brad ended up on top of me, grinning down at me. The tension that had built up had been broken and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss me. He tasted me for a while and I tasted my butt on his lips which was a total turn on for me! Brad then pulled back to look at me."What?" I asked, trying to figure out what this dopey grin he was looking at me with pics underage porn meant."I love you." he said.Just that simple, just that wonderful. My heart melted."And I love you, Brad. I always have and I always will. But weren't you going to fuck me?" I grinned."Are you sure you really want me to, Ryan. I'm so afraid of hurting you." he said his voice and face suddenly serious."It's going to hurt the first time whether we do it tonight or three weeks from tonight. Do you really want to wait? I don't!" I said."No, I don't want to wait! But I've waited so long already, Ryan, that I'm willing to wait longer if you want." he said, gallantly offering me a way out if I wanted it."I don't want! What I want is you inside of me. I want you to take me and make love to me fully and completely. I want you to make me yours forever. Does that about sum it up for you?" I asked, becoming exasperated."Ok! Ok, bro! Anything you want!" he said, obviously trying to placate me."Damn straight! I want your fucking cock...in my fucking ass...fucking me...until I can't walk tomorrow!" I punctuated each phrase with my finger, poking into his rock-solid chest and grinning like a Cheshire Cat the whole time."I will remind you of that when you can't walk tomorrow!" Brad said, grabbing my finger and poking it back into my own chest while looking at me with an evil glint in his eyes."To know that you love me, to know that I'm really yours, it will be totally worth it." I said very quietly and seriously, looking at him with all the love I felt for him.He leaned forward and kissed me, while he took my hand and put it on his cock. He was steel hard and already leaking cock-honey. I was very well aware of how much Brad wanted me. He pushed me down on the bed, face down. I spread my legs and he got between them. He pulled my ass cheeks apart with his hands and buried his face in my ass again. I felt his tongue digging at my hole and opening me up once more. The feeling was as intense as it had been the first time he'd done this and my hips involuntarily lifted to offer my of myself to him. He moaned into my ass at this as I ground my hole against his face. His tongue was buried completely inside me, but I wanted more. I wanted something bigger, longer - something that would go deeper inside me where the need and desire was.I didn't have to wait long. Reaching beside the bed where he had put it, I saw Brad grab a bottle of some type of lotion. I felt it's coolness as he applied it to my ass and gently slid one and then two fingers deep inside me. There was no pain, only the delicious feeling of his fingers filling me. I pushed back, trying to get them deeper inside me only to discover that they were as far inside me as they could go. Brad began working them around, gently opening me until he was able to add a third finger. Again there was no pain, only the feeling of fullness. But still, I wanted more but Brad, instead, removed his fingers entirely."Turn over." I heard Brads voice, low and husky with desire.I turned over on my back and lay there with my legs spread on both sides of him as I watched him lubing his cock with the lotion. As soon as he had, he reached for my legs and, moving forward, he moved them up to his shoulders while bringing his cock close to my opening. He placed his hands next to my shoulders and rested forward on them while his cock gently kissed the opening to my body. My hands reached out and stroked the sides of his body, feeling the tightness of his muscles. We looked deep into each other's eyes. I wanted him so badly, I know there was no way he could miss the desire in my eyes - any more than I could miss the desire in his. I knew that this is what we had both wanted for so long - what I underaged nudist teens believed we had both been born for, to love each other completely, utterly and totally."I'm going to try and be gentle, Ryan. I know this will probably hurt. If it's too much for you, tell me and I'll pull out." perfect nude underage he said.I knew, somehow, that it was not going to hurt. And Brad obviously didn't know me as well as he thought he did. Even if it did hurt - even if it killed me - there was no way in hell I would ever tell him to pull out!He pressed forward with his cock at the opening to my body. I could feel a slight pressure but then his cockhead breached my opening and his cock began to slowly and gently slide into me. There was no pain, only the sense of fullness and completion. Before we even knew it, Brad's soft pubic bush was gently pressed against the lips of my ass and he was completely inside of me. We both moaned softly as his body took possession of mine. I reached up and put my hands around the back of his neck and pulled underage breasts gallery him down on top of me so that our lips could open to one another in the deepest, most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. Brad rested on his elbows now, and my legs slipped down around his waist. His body covered mine and his cock was buried in my ass. We were like one body, one person, one mind. Everything I was I surrendered to underage russian cunt this man I loved more than life itself.His hips began to gently rock back and forth and then to slowly withdraw. I moaned at the loss of him inside me and he drove back in with more force, to prove to me he wasn't going anywhere. Soon his strokes were long and rhythmical. I pushed up to meet each thrust. I was lost in the scent of him, the feel of him and what he was doing to my body. I wanted this to go on forever, but it was soon apparent that Brad was quickly reaching the point of no return. We had waited for this moment for too long. We couldn't hold back. With wonder, I felt my own body responding to his. As he reached the limit of his endurance, I realized that his orgasm was about to trigger my own. Never had I achieved orgasm without my hand, but just the feel of his cock stroking my prostate and the hard, slickness of his abs which were coated with my pre-cum were enough.Brad drove his cock once more, as deep as he could and then I felt him shudder as he orgasm hit him. I could feel his cock trembling in my ass as it shot his seed as deep inside me as he could go. At the same time, my cock began spewing forth my own cum between us. Our mouths were locked to each other and we underage lola pics moaned out our fulfillment into each other.Brad collapsed on top of me, drained from the power and force of our lovemaking. My arms held him as my lips and tongue licked the sweat from his neck and shoulder. We lay there for God knows how long! Neither of us able to say a word but neither of us wanting to break the connection between us. I thought at some point Brad's cock would go soft. It never did. Nor did mine. After a while, I felt Brad begin small little thrusting movements. He was going to fuck me again! He raised himself back up on his elbows and looked sweet naked underaged down at me as his thrusts became longer."Does that hurt?" he asked, his face covered in concern."No! It feels wonderful! Take me, Brad! Fuck me again! Fuck me all night long!" I begged.I didn't really expect him to take me at my word, but he fucked me three more times that night! In three different positions. And each time, I came with him! Finally, after our fourth orgasm of the night, Brad fucking me from behind as we lay on our sides, him spooned against my back, we slept.The next morning, I awoke to find Brad still inside of me and his cock, which I had never really felt go soft at anytime, was hard as a rock and still buried in my ass. I couldn't believe the virility of my brother! He was a sexual god! Well...at least to me he was. I turned my head and met the back of teens underage models Brad's head as he slept on my shoulder. I nuzzled my face into his shaggy hair and tightened my ass muscles around his cock causing him to hunch forward and bury more of it in my hole. He groaned at the feeling. I wasn't exactly sure if he was awake or fucking me in his sleep until he lowered his face and began to lick the side of my neck and to shocking pics underage nibble it with his teeth. He then pushed me over so that I was laying on my stomach and he was between my legs - all without taking his cock out of my hungry ass. I groaned and arched my back which drove my body harder onto his cock. At this he groaned and began fucking me once more. This time Brad seemed intent on a slow, leisurely fuck. My ass was so full of Brad's cum that his cock just glided in and out. There was no pain and only a little soreness from my well-used hole. But his cock still felt wonderful inside me."Fuck me, Brad! Fuck sluts underage me hard! Please!" I begged him.I heard a deep chuckle exit his throat at the same time his hips took me at my word and began slamming his cock harder and harder into my hole. I could hear the slapping noise of his hip hitting my ass cheeks as I clung to him as he battered my hole. The hell with slow and leisurely! I wanted to be fucked and teen modeling underage Brad was up to the challenge!It, of course, didn't take long for us to reach our explosions. Almost at the same instant, Brad shot his load deep in my ass as I was hairy underage pics flooding the sheets with my essence. This time, however, Brad didn't collapse on top of me. Instead, he pulled his cock from my ass and began to suck his loads from my wide open and well used ass. It was an incredible feeling to have his tongue and lips soothing my sore hole. Having feasted on his cum, he turned me over onto my back and crawled back up my body until his mouth reached mine and he shared with me the cum he had sucked from my butt. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.We lay in bed for a while, kissing and holding each other, telling each other again how much we loved each other. I never wanted this time to end. I guess I was afraid that we would never be like this again. But that was silly. We would be like this many times again. This was only the beginning for us. I was just reluctant to let go of the magic of what had happened between us last night."I guess it's time we took a shower." Brad finally said."Do we have to. You smell so delicious I could eat you for breakfast!" I giggled."Yes and your scent is about to give me another hardon. But you were the one worried about Dad finding out we free underaged sex were lovers! He may not be able to notice emotions - but there's no way he could miss the fact that we both smell like sex! A whole lot of sex!" he laughed.We finally got out of bed and headed over to the shower. It was a large, free-standing affair with a nozzle which hung from the ceiling and a pull chain to activate it and a drain below."I gotta piss." Brad said and he started to point his cock at the drain in the floor."Wait!" I said.Brad looked at me, his face full of curiosity. I'm sure he wondered what the fuck had gotten into me this time. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this, but I had to take a chance. I had been having this fantasy for a long time of Brad pissing on me. It started one morning in the shower when my piss hard just wouldn't go down and I tried pissing through my hardon. I didn't think I could do it but I did. The piss went up in a great arc from my hard cock and, as bbs kid underage I moved my cock around, some of it went on my chest and flowed down my abs around my cock and dripped off my balls. The feeling of my hot piss was exciting. The feeling of being nasty and more than naughty stimulated me so much that by the time I was done pissing, two strokes on my hard meat was all it took for me to shoot a huge load of cum which hit the shower wall and dripped down. But what I was fantasizing about while pissing and cumming was the idea of Brad being the one who was pissing on me. Almost every morning, for over underage nude porn a year now, every time I took a shower in the morning, I pissed all over myself and came with the same fantasy playing in my head - Brad's hot piss flowing over me."I want you to piss on me." I said quietly."You want me to what?!" the look of shock on Brad face almost lost me all of my courage. I almost gave up right there but I knew naturalist underage I couldn't back out now."I want you to piss on me." I said again."I can't do something like that, Ryan! I love you!" he said, shaking his head in disbelief."I know you do. That's why I want you to do it." I said."That doesn't make any sense." he said, trying to figure out what in the fuck underaged model erotica I was getting at."Yes it does. I've been pissing on myself in the shower for over a year now fantasizing underage pussy video that it was you that was pissing on me. The feel of it is so hot and sensual. And we're in the shower anyway so it's not 'dirty'. Think of it like marking territory. Or, better still, think of it like cumming on me - but for so much longer. It's part of your body. And the idea teen tgp underage of it turns me on to no end. I want to experience what I've been fantasizing for so long." I pleaded with him."I don't even know if I can, Ryan!" he male underage nudity said, but I could tell he was wavering."Look, can't we try it just this once. If you can't or it really bothers you, I won't ask you to do it again." I said pleading with him with my eyes."Yeah, and what are you going to do if I like it?" a wolfish grin growing on his face."Well..." I said, underage teens sites walking up to him, putting my arms around his neck and giving him a gentle kiss on his stubbly chin, "I guess I'll just have to let you do it whenever you want to.""Fuck, bro!" he groaned. "You've turned out to be one nasty little fucker, you know that?""But you still love me that way, don't you?" I asked."Fuck, yeah!" he said, his eyes dancing with mischief.I knelt below him and waited for him to begin. He held his cock, aiming at my chest and then closed his eyes to concentrate. Even though he had to piss, I knew this was going to be hard for him the first time. I'd even thought of running the shower on us so that he would have the sound of running water to stimulate him. But after a few moments, his hot piss shot out of his cock and his eyes opened. He watched as his hot piss hit my chest and ran down my body. It soaked my pubic hair and then dripped from my balls. My cock was hard and I wet my hand in his piss and began to stroke it."Fuck, bro!" was all he said, but I could see his cock getting hard as he pissed on me. This was turning him on as well!His piss went on for quite a while and his cock was almost completely hard by the time he was almost finished. When I saw the piss flow begin to diminish, without even thinking what I was doing, I leaned forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I drank the last few spurts of his piss and his cock instantly went hard as a rock in my mouth. Drinking Brad's piss had not been a part of my fantasy but something I was drawn to in the heat of the moment. But it filled me with a feeling of intimacy with Brad that rivaled even being fucked by him. I didn't know how he would react to it, but from the hardness of his cock in my mouth, he obviously was not turned off. I had never given a blow job in my life, but I was bound and determined to suck Brad's cock until I tasted his load of cum. All I knew was you kept your teeth out of the way.I did a lot more than that! Once I had Brad's cock in my mouth, it was like something took me over and I sucked and licked the hefty rod until Brad was moaning and thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. I was jacking on my cock at the same time and all it took was the first blast of cum from Brad's cock to send me over the underaged in pantyhose edge. He shot into my mouth and I shot between his legs. His hand was on the back of my head holding me on his cock as if I was going to miss even one drop of his precious essence!Coming down from his orgasm, Brad looked down at me kneeling below him with wonder in his eyes."Fuck! Your mouth is the fucking best, bro!! Nobody's ever blown me that well before! I swe